To make us extra hyper, the Emmys are on after the Downton Abbey season 4 premiere airs in England and during the second to last Breaking Bad episode but we will be spoiler free for everything except the Emmys. So you get the snacks and we’ll bring the snark and meet us here when the people who actually matter start showing up Sunday afternoon, around 4pm PST. Once the show starts we’ll be still posting fabulous red carpet pictures on here while we live-tweet the show on our respective twitters, @suicideblonde and @bohemea, where the library will be open (because reading is fundamental.)  Then, because we’re obsessed masochists, we’ll be posting about the afterparty, the after-after party and the after-after-after party, then after we take our kid to soccer practice, the after-after-after-after party.  See you babes then!